Elementary Multiplication Tables: Improve Your Skills

Repetitive practice is one of the best ways to learn the multiplication tables, but the practice doesn't have to be all worksheets. In addition to worksheets, you can practice elementary multiplication tables in the following ways.

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Getting Better at Multiplying

Use Flashcards

To improve your speed and accuracy at answering multiplication problems, practice at home with flashcards. Running through a stack of flashcards only takes a few minutes and can be done a couple of times a day. You can make your own using index cards or pieces of scrap paper cut into matching squares. Write a multiplication problem on one side of each card, and then write the answer on the back. If you want to practice math with a friend or sibling, quiz each other with the flashcards by alternating who holds the cards.

Multiplication Charts

Either draw your own or print out a multiplication chart from the Internet. This can be a really helpful tool when you are learning the times tables. You can read through one column (for example, the threes) and then cover it with a bookmark or sheet of paper and try to recite all the threes (like three times three is nine, three times four is 12, three times five is 15).

Make sure you put your chart away when it's time to do homework. If you look at the chart for answers, you won't be able to pass your tests.

Make a Matching Game

You can make a multiplication matching game by writing problems on one card and answers on another card. Spread out all the cards face up and match the problems with the answer as quickly as possible. If you want to play with a friend, divide the cards into two groups and set it up so that you each have to find the matches to your own square of questions. Whoever finishes first - with correct answers - wins.

Play Computer Games

Someone came up with the bright idea of combining computer games and math practice. We now have lots of free, online math games that use themes common in recreational video or computer games, including sports, magic, outer space and animals. You can play online multiplication games, which are available for free from many websites. Just go to a search engine and type in 'multiplication games online.' Several free, computer-based games should come up.

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