How to Get Straight A's in 7th Grade

There are no foolproof shortcuts to getting straight A's in 7th grade, but it may not be as hard as you think. The following tips can help you fill your report card with A's.

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Tips for Getting Straight A's

Get Organized

Organization is the key to setting yourself up for success. As your classes and schedule get more complicated, a student planner can become your new best friend. Use it to keep track of all project and test dates, as well as daily and weekly homework assignments.

Make sure your assignment notebook includes a line for each class, and remember to record each assignment in the correct spot. At the end of each week, take five minutes to see what's due the next week so you can plan for it. Break down large projects into daily or weekly tasks so you aren't overwhelmed close to the due date.

Speak Up

Being in class and on time is half of the battle when it comes to getting good grades. The other half is listening attentively and participating. You don't have to answer every question the teacher asks, but make a point of participating consistently, whether it's by answering a question or asking one. Furthermore, when your class grade is on the line between a B and an A, teachers are more likely bump your grade up to an A if they think of you as an engaged student who contributes in class.

Complete Extra Credit Assignments

Never snub your nose at extra credit. Even if you're currently doing well in a class, extra credit points can buy you some breathing room if you struggle with a future assignment. If you're too busy to do every extra credit assignment for every class, give priority to assignments for the classes where your grades are lower.

Study Smart

You can't absorb much new information if you're exhausted. For maximum effectiveness, try to study uninterrupted for 45-50 minutes out of each hour and then take a break. Studying effectively is also about finding strategies that work for you. You may rely on different strategies for different classes. For example, when studying for social studies, you may want to write out and review your class notes, and when studying for a math test, it may be more effective to complete practice problems.

Get Enough Sleep

When you're sleep deprived, it's harder to understand what you're studying. Cramming the night before a test is especially damaging because you may be so tired by test time that you forget what you studied. Instead, study consistently during the days leading up to the exam, and then try to relax the night before so you're well rested and focused.

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