Measurement Math Games for Kids: Ideas for Parents

Measuring is a crucial skill that is often used in real-life activities, such as buying furniture or building a fence. Every child can benefit from hands-on measuring practice whether they are struggling or not. Make measuring fun for your son or daughter using the games and activities below.

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How to Make Measuring Fun for Your Child

Games can be a lot of fun and a very effective way to reinforce the measuring lessons taught in school. When figuring out which game to play, consider the appropriate level of difficulty for your child. For instance, third graders learn to measure using rulers with quarter inches. They also apply measurements to more difficult concepts, like perimeter and area. However, it isn't until fourth grade that they learn to measure angles and circles.

Measuring lends itself well to games because it's a hands-on activity. Your son will especially benefit from this if he learns best by doing, rather than by listening or watching the teacher. Increase your son's interest by buying him a decorated ruler. Get him interested in the activity by asking him to measure things that are of special significance, like a favorite stuffed animal.

Five Games and Activities

Scavenger Hunt

Give your daughter a list of measurements and ask her to find objects around the house that match those measurements. For a challenge, include difficult measurements like 2 ¼ inches.

Measurement Olympics

Go to the park and hold your very own Olympics with events like long jump or sprinting. For each activity, you can include measurement practice. For instance, have him throw a ball as far as he can. Then, using a ruler or yardstick, he can measure how far he threw the ball. This activity can also provide your child with practice in estimation.

Myth or Fact?

Use an unusual fact to get your child interested in measuring. Most kids will be interested to know that their arm span is about equal to their height. Encourage your child to run an experiment to see if this fact is true. After she measures herself, try having her measure you to collect more data.

Conversion Fun

Your child can have fun with conversions by measuring something using his own feet, rather than a standard ruler foot. Then, use estimation to help him convert his own unit of measure into a standard unit of measure. For instance, your son may find that the backyard is 200 of his own feet in length. If his foot is about half a standard foot in length, he can estimate that the backyard is really 100 feet in length.

Building Project

You and your child can build something together, like a shelving unit or a birdhouse. Have your daughter measure out the length of each piece of wood. This activity emphasizes accuracy and also provides an opportunity for her to review perimeter and area.

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