Methods of Learning to Have Better Memory Recall

To remember something with more accuracy, it's important to review the material frequently and consistently. If your child is having trouble remembering information that he or she has read or concepts that were taught in school, then use the following techniques at home.

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Techniques to Improve Your Child's Memory

Become an Active Reader

Active reading can help your child remember information from any text that he or she is reading, including novels and textbooks. Active readers interact with the text while reading by underlining important quotes, asking questions and predicting what will happen in the future. If your child can write in his book, then encourage him to write notes in the margin to mark important events or key words. If he can't write in the book, then use sticky notes to comment on the material.

In addition, your child should take notes while reading. For textbooks, instruct her to write the chapter title and subsection headings. Then, for each paragraph, she can record the main idea. Make it a habit to review the chapter together using her notes. If your child is reading a novel, have her write the main events of each chapter on a separate piece of paper.

These same techniques can be used in class when the teacher is giving a lecture or presentation. Your child should be thinking actively about what the teacher is saying and writing down any questions that he may have. Additionally, he should take notes so he can refer back to them at home when doing homework.

Use Flashcards

Whether it's multiplication facts or formulas, math students have to memorize a lot of information. Using flashcards at home can be a great way to help your child recall the facts. When used frequently, flashcards can also help your child recall information faster. You can even make review fun by quizzing each other. Alternatively, give your child an answer, like 42, and challenge her to come up with a math fact that equals it, such as 6 x 7.


When your child gets home from school, ask him to tell you about something he learned that day. While he's describing a concept or skill to you, listen for mistakes or missing information. This technique can be powerful for increasing memory because your child is recalling the information, interpreting it and then rephrasing it in his own words.

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