6th Grade Vocabulary List: Words and Definitions

Many teachers compile 6th grade vocabulary words from novels and textbooks and assign weekly quizzes for their students. You can help your child become a more fluent reader by creating word lists for him or her to study after school.

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How Can I Help My 6th Grader Study Vocabulary?

To help your child prepare to study vocabulary, create a list based on key words in your son or daughter's textbooks and reading assignments. However, your child's teacher may have already covered many of the words in classroom materials, so it's wise to supplement those key words with grade-appropriate lists available for free online.

Several websites offer free word lists accompanied by practice quizzes, exercises and puzzles. Although flashcards are effective for memorization, games can help your child become more engaged with the practice. Some Internet sites allow you to enter word lists, and they will generate word searches and crossword puzzles for free.

6th Grade Word List

Abundant (uh-buhn-duhnt)

- Adjective

1. Great quantity or well supplied.

Exponent (ik-spoh-nuhnt)

- Noun

1. In math, it's a number that is above and after another symbol or number to denote power.

Histogram (his-tuh-gram)

- Noun

1. A graph of frequency distribution represented by rectangles with bases on the horizontal axis, widths equal to class intervals and heights equal to the corresponding frequencies.

Hypothesis (hahy-poth-uh-sis)

- Noun

1. An assumption or proposition made to explain a phenomenon.

Inertia (in-ur-shuh)

- Noun

1. A property of matter by which it remains at rest or in uniform motion in a straight line until acted upon by an external force.

Monotonous (muh-not-n-uhs)

- Adjective

1. Tedious or lacking variety.

Oligarchy (ol-i-gahr-kee)

- Noun

1. A form of government ruled by a small class or dominant group of persons.

Reciprocal (ri-sip-ruh-kuhl)

- Adjective

1. Opposite or corresponding.

- Noun

1. Something that is a complement or counterpart of something else.

Tangible (tan-juh-buhl)

- Adjective

1. Real and capable of being touched.

- Noun

1. Something that can be touched.

Tyranny (tir-uh-nee)

- Noun

1. Oppressive power or abuse by an authority figure.

2. A state in which absolute power is vested in a single ruler.

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