Elementary Vocabulary: List of Vocab Words for Elementary Grades

Vocabulary is an important area of study for elementary school students because a good vocabulary is a foundation for reading comprehension and writing ability. Although weekly vocabulary quizzes aid in your child's learning, additional practice at home can be beneficial. You can get started with the word list below.

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How Can I Help My Child Study for Vocabulary Tests?

Kids can learn elementary vocabulary words by drilling with flashcards, but that may not be the best technique. Using flashcards, your child memorizes the definitions of the words out of context. It may actually be easier for your child to remember definitions if she studies words from a book or other piece of writing, so she can see how the words are used.

For context practice, your child can write sentences or a full story using all of his weekly vocabulary words. Your child may also complete fill-in-the-blank worksheets or crossword puzzles that are available online. Vocabulary practice worksheets are often available for free from teaching or educational websites.

Elementary Vocabulary Word List by Difficulty Level


- Adjective

1. At a later time or date.

- Adverb

1. Behind or following in time or place.

- Conjunction

1. Later or subsequently in time.

- Preposition

1. Behind in relation to place or order.

Bike (bahyk)

- Noun

1. The informal term for a bicycle, motorcycle or stationary bicycle.

- Verb

1. To ride or take a bicycle somewhere.

Cube (kyoob)

- Noun

1. An object with six square sides of equal size.

- Verb

1. A mathematical term for raising a number to the third power.

2. To cut or form into the shape of an object with six equal square sides.

Fatal (feyt-l)

- Adjective

1. Causing death.

2. Bringing failure.

3. Fateful or important.

Harsh (hahrsh)

- Adjective

1. Severe or cruel.

2. Coarse surface that feels unpleasant or rough.

Meadow (med-oh)

- Noun

1. A grassy area of land.

Pointless (point-lis)

- Adjective

1. With no meaning or effect.

Routine (roo-teen)

- Adjective

1. Ordinary or commonplace activities.

2. Relating to an established set of actions.

- Noun

1. A regular or common course of action.

2. An action or practice that occurs every day.

Towering (tou-er-ing)

- Adjective

1. Excessive or beyond the usual boundaries.

2. Extremely high or above others.

Verdict (vur-dikt)

- Noun

1. The final decision of a jury in a court of law.

2. A judgment.

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