Multiplication Facts: Games and Practice Tests

Are you trying to find fun ways to help your child learn basic multiplication facts? Try including the interactive games below in your child's math practice. A practice test with answers has also been included for additional practice.

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Third Grade Multiplication Overview

In third grade, your child will be introduced to multiplication. By the end of this school year, your child should be able to multiply whole numbers within 100. He or she will also use multiplication to solve word problems. Your third grader may also have to solve multiplication equations with a variable, such as 2 x ? = 6.

Remember, for your child to be successful with multiplication facts, he or she will need consistent and effective practice. Hands-on activities are often a good way to help your child visualize the problem.

Factor This!

To play this game, have your child roll two dice and use the numbers he or she rolls to create a 2-digit number. For example, if your child rolls a five and a two, then he could use the number 52 or 25. Have your child list all of the factors for this number. For 25, for instance, the factors would include one, five and 25. This activity will help your child with multiplication facts because she will have to apply her knowledge by recognizing that 5 x 5 = 25 and 1 x 25 = 25.

Depending on your child's ability level, you could use three dice to create a 3-digit number. Then, have your child identify the factors for the 3-digit number.

Multiplication Investigation

Have your child investigate and model multiplication facts by having him or her solve real-world problems. For example, you could say to your child, 'Each person at the dinner table will need three utensils. If there will be five people at the dinner table, how many total utensils should we use?' Your child could use actual utensils to model this multiplication problem: 3 utensils x 5 people = 15 utensils.

Practice Test

After your child has learned the times tables for 0-12, he or she can practice by taking this practice exam. Include a timer for three minutes if you want to increase your child's speed. Answers are provided below.

1. 5 x 5 =

2. 2 x 3 =

3. 1 x 7 =

4. 9 x 0 =

5. 8 x 3 =

6. 12 x 5 =


1. 25

2. 6

3. 7

4. 0

5. 24

6. 60

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