5th Grade Math: Number Place Values to the Billions

Understanding place value is a key elementary math skill, and all it takes to learn place values to the billions is conceptual understanding and a bit of memorization. Read on for a step-by-step explanation!

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Place Values for 5th Grade

Ones Place

Place values are names given to each digit in a number. Larger numbers have more place values and smaller numbers have fewer. The digit in any given place represents itself times a number that's divisible by 10. The only exception to this is the digit in the ones place, which represents itself.

Every whole number has a ones place. For instance, in the number 8, the 8 is in the ones place, and in the number 29, the 9 is in the ones place.

Tens Place

After the ones place is the tens place. It's to the right of the ones place, so it would be the 2 in the number 29 or the 6 in the number 167. The digit in the tens place represents itself times 10. For example, in the number 28, the 2 represents 2 tens, or 2 x 10. The 8 represents 8 ones, or 8 x 1. Altogether, the 2 tens and 8 ones add up to 28 (10 + 10 + 8 = 28).

Hundreds Place

The hundreds place is the 3rd place in a number. For instance, in 167, the 1 is in the hundreds place, and in 345, the 3 is in the hundreds place. This tells you that 167 contains a single hundred, and 345 has 3 hundreds. You can break the numbers down by place values like this:

167 = (1 x 100) + (6 x 10) + (7 x 1)

345 = (3 x 100) + (4 x 10) + (5 x 1)

Thousands to Hundred-thousands Places

The next 3 places you'll learn about are the thousands, ten-thousands and hundred-thousands places. For instance, in the number 123,456, the 3 is in the thousands place, the 2 is in the ten-thousands place and the 1 is in the hundred-thousands place. It's spelled out like this: 'one hundred twenty-three thousand four hundred fifty-six.'

Millions to Hundred-millions Places

Next after the hundred-thousands place comes the millions place, followed by the ten-millions place and the hundred-millions place. For example, the number 987,654,321 has a 7 in the millions place, an 8 in the ten-millions place and a 9 in the hundred-millions place. Written out, this number is 'nine hundred eighty-seven million, six hundred fifty-four thousand three hundred twenty-one.'

Billions to Hundred-billions Places

Even larger numbers are expressed using the billions, ten-billions and hundred-billions places. For the number 123,456,789,000, the 3 is in the billions place, the 2 is in the ten-billions place and the 1 is in the hundred-billions place. This number is written as 'one hundred twenty-three billion, four hundred fifty-six million seven hundred eighty-nine thousand.'

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