Third Grade Grammar Help: How to Help My 3rd Grader Learn Grammar

Learning all the grammar rules can be tricky for many 3rd graders. If your child is struggling to communicate effectively, use the following teaching methods at home to reinforce your child's grammar usage.

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Helping Your 3rd Grader with Grammar Skills

What 3rd Graders Must Learn

Core standards for English/language arts tend to vary depending upon your location and where your child goes to school. This being said, there are certain grammar skills that most 3rd graders are required to have by the end of the school year. For example, your child will most likely need to form irregular verbs and use abstract nouns, like 'freedom'. In the 3rd grade, children are usually expected to master basic spelling patterns and pronunciation, as well.

Motivating Your 3rd Grader

Some children dislike studying grammar, often because it comes across as boring or unrelated to day-to-day life. However, students with a poor grasp of grammar often make many mistakes in their writing and speech. One of the best ways to motivate your child is by reading to him or her. Get a 3rd grade book list online or from a local library, and allow him or her to choose books of interest and relevance. By reading to and with your 3rd grader, you'll be working on grammar skills whether or not your child knows it.

Grammar Lessons

If you're teaching your child about the future tense, for example, first discuss what the word 'future' means. Write down a number of sentences in the present tense and have your child rewrite them in the future tense using the word 'will'. As a result, the dog barks would become the dog will bark.

Another lesson you might try is verb matching. Present your 3rd grader with a sentence that has a blank, such as 'The dog _.' Give your child a list of verbs and ask her to fill in the blank with an appropriate verb. Include some humorous, nonsensical verbs in this list to keep your child amused. Regardless of the verb he or she chose, be sure your child conjugates it correctly.

Useful Grammar Resources

There are many grammar games and activities online based on the Common Core State Standards for 3rd graders. You can also print worksheets, tests and fun puzzles that cover everything from capitalization to pronouns.

If your 3rd grader continues to struggle with grammar despite your efforts and the efforts of his or her teachers, there are a number of websites that offer grammar homework help through instant messaging and e-mail. You might also consider taking your child to a local learning center or hiring a personal, one-on-one grammar tutor. Talk to your child's teachers and other English/language arts professionals in your child's life for advice on what your child could specifically benefit from.

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