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We all know learning to spell long and complicated words can be a challenge, but surprisingly, many people make spelling errors with small, simple words too. This quick tutorial will cover some basic spelling elements to help you avoid these types of mistakes on your spelling homework assignments.

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Homophones are words that have the same sound but different spellings. They also have different meanings, so you'll need to know what definition goes with the word you're asked to spell. Some common homophones include:

  • Air, heir
  • Ate, eight
  • Blew, blue
  • Be, bee
  • Hay, hey
  • Plain, plane
  • Right, write
  • Steal, steel


Homographs are words that are spelled the same but have different meanings. They have different pronunciations as well. It may help to say the following words aloud to differentiate the pronunciations.

  • Bass (beys), bass (bas)
  • Does (dohz), does (duhz)
  • Bow (bou), bow (boh)
  • Desert (dez-ert), desert (dih-zurt)
  • Record (ri-kawrd), record (rek-erd)
  • Minute (min-it), minute (mahy-noot)
  • Object (uh'b-jekt), object (ob-jikt)
  • Produce (pruh-doos), produce (proh-doos)

Common Spelling Mistakes

Many of the words above trip students up when they're spelling, but there are some others that actually cause adults to make spelling mistakes as well. Knowing how to avoid these common errors will not only help you become a better speller now, it will also help your writing as you get older. Here are ten of the most common spelling mistakes:

Your and You're

Your is used to show possession. You're is the contraction of you are.

Its and It's

Its is used to show possession. It's is the contraction of it is or it has.

Their, They're and There

Their is used to show possession. They're is the contraction of they are. There refers to a place or idea.

To and Too

To is a preposition that refers to position, place or direction. Too is an adverb that means 'also' or 'additionally'.

Lose and Loose

Lose refers to not winning. Loose means not tight.

Effect and Affect

Effect is a noun meaning something that is often produced by something else. Affect is a verb meaning to act upon.

Weather and Whether

Weather refers to conditions like rain, snow and sunshine. Whether is conjunction used to introduce and separate alternatives.

Than and Then

Than is used to compare things. Then refers to time.

Except and Accept

Except typically means to leave out or exclude. Accept means to receive something.

A Lot

Alot is not a single word. 'A' and 'lot' are two separate words that must be written with a space between them.
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