Vocabulary List for 7th Grade Students

It can take a long time to look up a word in the dictionary, which is why 7th graders learn to decode new or multiple-meaning words. The vocabulary quizzes below can help your child learn new words while practicing these important skills.

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What Are the Standard Vocabulary Skills for 7th Grade?

Most students in 7th grade look at how a word is used in a sentence or paragraph to determine or clarify its meaning. They consult dictionaries, thesauruses, glossaries and define words based on their root or affix. Seventh graders can also interpret figurative language and understand subtle differences in meaning among related words. If your child is currently learning these skills, you can help him or her practice with the following vocabulary exercises.

7th Grade Vocabulary Practice

Finish the List of Synonyms

Choose the word below that best matches each list of synonyms, and write it in the blank.

  1. corrupt, evil, perverse, wicked, ----
  2. amusement, glee, happiness, merriment, ----
  3. ambiguous, incomprehensible, secret, unexplainable, ----
  4. baffle, daze, perplex, stupefy, ----
  5. admire, esteem, respect, worship, ----

Choose the Missing Word

Read the following sentences and choose the word below that best fits each one. Write the word in the blank and write the word's part of speech at the end of the sentence.

  1. I had to release the rabbit back into the wild, because it had a ---- to be free again.
  2. I knew that my sister would ---- my new sweater, but I'm not going to let her borrow it.
  3. Try some chamomile tea if you can't sleep, since it's known for its ---- effects.
  4. Our shadows are shortest when the sun reaches its ---- around midday.
  5. I walked out of the movie in disgust because the plot was too ---- and predictable.
  6. The ---- sales clerk kept hovering around me, even though I told her repeatedly that I was just looking and didn't need her help.
  7. We shut off the television because the presidential candidate's ---- speech annoyed us.
  8. She read his letter so many times that she could quote it ----.
  9. Dad was ---- to let him borrow the car because of his multiple speeding tickets.
  10. I bought that book for you because I knew it would ---- you as it did me.

Match the Words and Definitions

Find the word that matches each of the following definitions and write the corresponding letter in the blank. After each definition, write the word's part of speech.

A. turgid
B. anomaly
C. nonplus
D. whim
E. paradox
F. utmost
G. dissonance
H. inextricable
I. flagrant
J. loquacious
  1. ---- A fanciful or impulsive desire.
  2. ---- Characterized by talkativeness.
  3. ---- To confuse or perplex.
  4. ---- Glaringly obvious or noticeable.
  5. ---- Being distended or swollen.
  6. ---- A statement that appears self-contradictory but is possibly true.
  7. ---- An inharmonious blend of sounds.
  8. ---- Something with a strange or abnormal quality.
  9. ---- Unable to be untangled or untied.
  10. ---- Of the highest amount or degree.
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