3rd Grade Spelling Test: Sample Test and Practice Materials

The ability to write well is complemented by strong spelling skills, so it's important to prepare your 3rd grader by providing spelling tests and practice materials. If you need help getting started, try the ideas below.

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How Can I Help My 3rd Grader Prepare for Weekly Spelling Exams?

There are several materials you can use to help your 3rd grade student prepare for her weekly spelling exam. Aside from basic repetition and writing the words over and over, several websites generate free word searches, jumbles and crossword puzzles based on the terms you put in. Additionally, you can print worksheets from the Internet that require your child to select the proper spelling out of a multiple-choice list.

Most spelling tests are given verbally while students write out the words, but you can provide written exams as well. You may choose to provide a definition and have your child select the correct spelling of the vocabulary term. The sample test below requires your child to identify the proper spelling of the word that fits in the sentence provided.

Sample Spelling Test for 3rd Graders

1. When we went on vacation, we had to take an _ to Florida.

a) airplain

b) eirplane

c) airplane

d) aireplane

The correct answer is 'airplane.'

2. My cereal _ taste as good without milk.

a) does'nt

b) doesn't

c) doesint

d) doesnt

The correct answer is 'doesn't.'

3. When my sister fell off her bike last week, she _ her knee pretty bad.

a) hurt

b) hert

c) herrt

c) hurrt

The correct answer is 'hurt.'

4. I thought that book about cheetahs was really _.

a) intristing

b) interesting

c) interisting

d) intresting

The correct answer is 'interesting.'

5. I forgot to take my vitamin this morning, so I'll have to do it _ tonight.

a) later

b) leighter

c) latter

d) laider

The correct answer is 'later.'

6. When I want a second helping at dinner, my mother always makes me say _ before she'll give it to me.

a) pleas

b) plese

c) plees

d) please

The correct answer is 'please.'

7. When I practice for our weekly spelling test, my dad makes me _ each word ten times.

a) rite

b) write

c) right

d) writ

The correct answer is 'write.'

8. My parents told my brother he's too _ to stay out past 9 p.m. on a weeknight.

a) yung

b) yong

c) youn

d) young

The correct answer is 'young.'
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