5th Grade Reading Passages and Sample Texts

Most 5th graders are tested on reading comprehension during annual standardized tests. On these tests, students often have to read a passage and answer multiple-choice questions. Help your child prepare by finding sample texts and reading passages online.

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Where Can I Find 5th Grade Reading Passages?

In order to help your child prepare for standardized and classroom testing, you can provide additional reading passages and comprehension questions for after-school practice. While you may opt to create your own passages, there are several 5th grade reading resources that already have short texts and worksheets ready to go.

To get started, check the Internet for free, grade-appropriate options. Some exercises may be printable, but others will require students to read online and answer interactive texts or complete activities on the computer. You can also select 5th grade literature from the library or a bookstore and ask your child to read small sections at a time.

Sample Texts for 5th Graders

Say Cheese!

It was finally here. She had been dreading this day for weeks, but it was finally happening. Jamie was getting braces. Not only would it be a painful process, but she would be the only one of her friends with them.

Head down, sulking and dragging her feet, Jamie slowly followed her mom into the orthodontist's office. As Mrs. Murray filled out the necessary paperwork, Jamie stared into the giant mirror on the wall trying to imagine what she would look like on her way out. Would she be the laughingstock of her whole school? Would people call her 'brace face?' The negative thoughts kept rolling in.

'Jamie,' the nurse called out the door. 'Time to see Dr. Barry.'

She picked herself up off the waiting room seat and followed the nurse to the dentist chair. 'This is it,' she thought.

Dr. Barry entered the room with a smile on his face and assured Jamie it would be fairly quick and easy. As he placed the brackets on her teeth, Dr. Barry asked Jamie if she had thought about what color of rubber bands she would like. Green? Pink? Rainbow? She had total freedom to choose.

'All done,' the doctor said, as he sent Jamie on her way. When she reached the waiting room, her mom was standing near the door.

'What color did you get?' she asked. Grinning with her mouth closed, Jamie asked the nurse if she could turn off the light for a minute. Since there were no other patients around, the nurse gave her the go ahead.

'Cheese!' shouted Jamie. As she smiled, her mouth full of glow in the dark rubber bands lit up her teeth. Laughing as they walked out the door to go get milkshakes, Jamie realized braces wouldn't be so bad after all.

Responsibility… What's That?

Today is his 11th birthday, and Tommy really wants a puppy. He's waited years to ask for one and spent time taking good care of his pet fish hoping to prove he was ready. In preparation, Tommy also made sure to study extra hard for his vocabulary and math quizzes last week to show his parents how responsible he really is.

Tommy rolls out of bed around noon to shower and get ready for his big party. In addition to his wacky cousins, several of his friends were on their way over for food, games and prizes. Tommy was especially excited because he noticed there were only a few gifts on the table. 'If they got me a dog, they wouldn't be able to wrap it,' he thought.

'Are you almost ready?' his mother shouts up the stairs. Tommy runs down to be sure he's not late for the big reveal.

By the time everyone's settled, Tommy is bouncing off the walls with excitement. He tears through the small gifts and cards, thanking everyone along the way, when his dad motions for everyone to come outside. 'This is it,' he thought. 'I'm finally getting a puppy.'

Much to his surprise, there was no puppy, but there was a brand new bike. Without hesitation, Tommy jumped on the bike and began to ride around, with the idea of a puppy only a distant thought. 'I told you so,' his mom said to his dad. 'Maybe in a few more years.'

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