5th Grade Vocabulary List

When students are in 5th grade, they are taught how to read fluently and comprehend basic texts. Your child will be able to comprehend even more advanced texts by expanding his or her vocabulary with after-school practice.

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Where Can I Find 5th Grade Vocabulary Lists?

Many teaching websites have free 5th grade vocabulary lists that you can print to give your child extra practice outside of the classroom. As an added bonus, several lists are coupled with spelling and definition exercises for your son or daughter to complete. While most educational sites are free, some require a paid subscription or small fee to obtain access to grade-appropriate lists.

To practice vocabulary words at home, use flashcards. Quiz your child traditionally, by asking her to define a word from memory. However, you can also use the flashcards to make a review game. On the table, put the vocabulary words on one side and the definitions on the other, and then ask your 5th grader to match them.

At the 5th grade level, vocabulary lists typically include words from several subject areas, including social studies, language arts, math and science. If you are unable to find words online, you can scan your child's textbooks for keywords to use. To get started, try the word list below.

Word List for 5th Graders

Boycott (boi-kot)

- Noun

1. The act of abstaining from.

- Verb

1. To refuse or abstain from buying or using.

Circumstance (sur-kuhm-stans)

- Noun

1. A condition or detail that accompanies a situation.

Counterclockwise (koun-ter-klok-wahyz)

- Adverb

1. In the direction opposite of which clock hands normally rotate.

Impractical (im-prak-ti-kuhl)

- Adjective

1. Not useful or wise.

Landform (land-fawrm)

- Noun

1. A natural feature on the earth's surface, such as a plain, mountain or hill.

Miniature (min-ee-uh-cher)

- Adjective

1. Reduced or being on a small scale.

- Noun

1. A copy or representation of something on a much smaller scale.

Obligated (ob-li-geyt-ed)

- Verb

1. To bind legally or morally.

Perpendicular (pur-puhn-dik-yuh-ler)

- Adjective

1. Sharp slope or extremely steep.

2. Meeting at a right angle.

- Noun

1. A line at a right angle to another line or plane.

Pilgrimage (pil-gruh-mij)

- Noun

1. A long journey made as a religious act.

- Verb

1. To make a long, religious journey.

Vacant (vey-kuhnt)

- Adjective

1. Empty, void or unoccupied.

2. Devoid of thought or expression.

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