Math on Your Phone: Apps for Math Help

Aug 25, 2011

With the widespread use of smartphones and portable tools like the iPad, learning math has never been more fun. For students who struggle with math, there are countless apps that can help reinforce difficult concepts. The list presented here includes ten apps for math help that make learning and studying on the go easy.


1. Epic Math

Epic Math is a counting and math practice tool for young kids that makes a game out of studying. There are several games that help children learn their numbers, including a hide and seek game that involves tilting the phone to peek around objects. There are also addition, subtraction, multiplication and division games that give users tokens for correct answers. Tokens can be redeemed in the game's Toy Shop.

2. Cash Cow

Cash Cow teaches kids about money, including the different denominations. The puzzle game involves connecting small denominations and merging them into larger denominations. The addictive game is centered around the story of Buck the Cow, who is trying to stop his farm from getting repossessed.

3. Sums Stacker

Winner of the 2010 Parents' Choice Gold Award from the Parents' Choice Foundation, Sums Stacker offers kids simple but fun addition and subtraction practice. In the game, numbers are piled in three stacks, each with a target sum. You must move the numbers around to make the stacks match the given sums.

4. DigitZ

DigitZ takes the concept of Tetris and turns it into a fun math game for kids. Numbered tiles fall on the screen and must be placed together in order to add up to a target number. This game develops a child's speed with adding numbers.

5. Fractions App

This app takes advantage of a phone or iPad's touchscreen to teach about fractions. Kids can use common objects, like a pizza or chocolate bar, to understand how fractions work. As kids learn, the complexity of the fractions increases.

6. NineGaps

Similar to a sudoku puzzle, NineGaps requires kids to use each of the numbers from one to nine to fill in the gaps. Unlike sudoku, though, the NineGaps board contains equations that must be correctly completed. Apple has featured this app among its 'Best Math Puzzle Games.'

7. Algebra Touch

Algebra Touch is an app designed to reinforce algebra skills. Kids can drag and rearrange terms in order to simplify and solve problems. The app covers topics including order of operations, prime numbers, factoring and substitution.

8. Math Games Bingo + Racing

This app teaches students essential math skills, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. There are both bingo and racing games, both of which use simple, fun games to help kids master mathematics. The racing game requires kids to solve math problems in order to keep a car moving and avoid crashing.

9. Math Monkey

Math Monkey is an educational game similar to Angry Birds. Kids help monkeys launch flying cupcakes at the correct answer for a series of math problems. The app teaches addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

10. Math Series

Intended for very young children, Math Series requires users to identify the missing number in a variety of different types of series. The app can be customized by parents based on their child's skill level. Students receive awards for completing 25 problems and advancing to the next series.

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