Reading Comprehension Games and Activities

Reading comprehension skills include the ability to draw conclusions, make predictions, gather details, recognize sequences and much more. Help your child become a skilled reader with reading comprehension games and activities at home.

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Where Can I Find Fun Reading Comprehension Games for My Child?

Thanks to technology, finding new educational games and activities is easier than ever. Several websites offer free interactive reading comprehension games and worksheets for children to complete outside of the classroom. However, if you prefer to stick with offline activities, you can find workbooks, card games and board games at your local bookstore. Either route will give your son or daughter additional reading practice, which should result in advanced skills and more confidence in the classroom.

Three Reading Comprehension Activities for Kids

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Many kids enjoy drawing and coloring pictures, and this exercise combines reading comprehension with an activity that will likely be fun for your child. Once your son or daughter has completed a text, have him or her create either a new book cover or a fake movie poster that represents the story in a way that would be intriguing to someone who has not read it yet. When your child is done with the new advertisement, ask for an explanation of his or her choices to make sure he or she really understood the key points of the text.

Point-of-View Rewrite

Starting in the first grade, students begin to learn about point of view and gain the ability to recognize the difference between narrators and different characters telling the story. In order to develop this skill further, select a book chapter or brief passage of a longer text and have your child rewrite the same passage from a different character's point of view. Ask your son or daughter to focus on the differences in physical setting, dialogue, actions, feelings and what the reader sees. This exercise not only focuses on reading comprehension but also gives your child additional practice with narrative writing.


Reading comprehension involves the ability to make predictions based on the current information provided. This activity will give your child practice with predictions, creative thinking and narrative writing. When your child completes a selected text, ask him or her to write a sequel to the story, even if it's just one chapter. During this exercise, your son or daughter will have to analyze what happened in the original text to determine what he or she thinks should happen in the next. Once the sequel is completed, review the final copy with your child and have a discussion about his or her choices.

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