Second Grade Math Problems with Solutions

If your second grader is struggling with math, you can help him or her practice at home. Keep reading for suggestions on how you can increase your child's concentration and motivation, in addition to some sample problems and solutions you can use with your child at home.

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How Can My Child Practice Second Grade Math?

You can help your second grader by making sure he or she completes assigned homework every day. At this level, students typically get more homework than they did in earlier grades, and kids this age may have difficulty concentrating for long periods of time. If your child gets antsy, you might sit down next to him or her and help with the work.

You also can incorporate counters to make addition and subtraction more enjoyable for your child. For instance, you could use stuffed animals or action figures to represent numbers. Alternatively, you might provide your child with a number line.

Most students will benefit from simply having additional practice. You can ask your child's teacher for extra worksheets, or create your own at home. In you choose the latter option, be sure to include math drills, as well as word problems. At this level, word problems should have simple sentence structures and use numbers within 100.


1. Label the ones, tens and hundreds places in the number 126.

Second graders learn to identify place values. This number can be broken down into 1 hundred, 2 tens and 6 ones.

2. 314 + 140

At this age, your child may still need a visual aid - like a number line or counters - to solve addition and subtraction problems. The answer here is 454.

3. 599 + 372

This problem may be more challenging for your child because he or she must carry numbers. The answer is 971.

4. Maggie has a basket of 24 flowers. On her way home, she loses 8 of them. How many flowers does Maggie have left?

It's important that word problems are included in your child's home practice because he or she will continually encounter these types of problems on standardized tests, as well as in upper grades. The answer is 16 flowers.

5. An item costs $16, and you give the cashier a $20 bill. How much change should you get?

Students learn to count money in second grade. To solve, your child can either subtract (20 - 16) or count from 16 to 20. There's a difference of 4, so you would receive $4 in change.

6. Jay is 5 feet and 11 inches tall. Robert is 5 feet and 3 inches tall. How much taller is Jay?

Because both Jay and Robert are at least 5 feet tall, this is a simple subtraction problem. Your child should subtract 11 - 3 to determine that Jay is 8 inches taller than Robert.
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