3rd Grade Math Assignments and Practice

In 3rd grade, math may become more difficult for some students because they'll be learning new operations, like multiplication and division. You can help your child by relating these practical skills to real life, as well as providing him with a good study environment. Keep reading for tips and sample problems.

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How Can I Help My Child With 3rd Grade Math Assignments?

In 3rd grade, your child will be introduced to basic multiplication and division facts. Practicing these facts with your child using flashcards can be a fun activity, as well as a productive one. Flashcards are repetitive, which can help your child internalize multiplication and division facts, and they're fast, which can prepare him for timed tests.

Your child also will learn about fractions and ways to calculate area and perimeter. You can practice the latter by having your child measure the length and width of his room. Then, using those measurements, help him calculate the area and perimeter.

Study Tips

Sometimes when students don't complete a homework assignment, it's a time management issue rather than a lack of understanding. You can help your child by setting aside a block of time each evening for math homework. Provide a neat, quiet workspace where your child won't get distracted.

If you find that he's having trouble focusing, consider sitting next to him while he does his work. Your presence may help your child maintain concentration.

If that doesn't work, figure out why your child is losing focus. Sometimes if children don't understand a concept, they lose the motivation to complete their homework assignments. If this is the case, you can provide extra practice opportunities at home. Since your child probably won't want to complete an extra worksheet in addition to homework, you may want to practice using a game.

3rd Grade Math Practice Assignments


A room is 11 feet long by 9 feet wide. What are the perimeter and area?

Calculate the perimeter (P) by adding all the measurements together (P = 11 + 11 + 9 + 9). The perimeter is 40 feet.
To find the area (A), multiply length times width. In this case, A = 11 x 9 = 99 square feet.


Tara has 12 pieces of candy and wants to divide it between herself and her two friends. How many pieces of candy will each person get?

Remember that the candy is being divided among three people (Tara and her two friends). Divide the pieces of candy by the number of people (12 ÷ 3), so each person gets four pieces of candy.


There were 12 slices of pizza, but only seven remain. What fraction of the pizza is left?

There are seven out of 12 slices remaining, which can be represented by the fraction 7/12.
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