Homework Help: Adverbs and Other Parts of Speech

When you have English homework, it helps to know about grammar and basic parts of speech. The more you know about grammar, the better you'll do on your assignments. So, to give you some help, adverbs and two other common parts of speech are explained below.

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Help with Adverbs, Pronouns and Prepositions

Adverbs: Providing More Detail

In the world of grammar, adverbs modify other words. Adverbs typically tell when, why or how something has happened or is happening. Specifically, adverbs give you more information about the verbs, adjectives and even other adverbs used in sentences. Many adverbs end in -ly, such as lovely, greatly and quickly, but other adverbs don't. Some examples are provided below.

The cat climbed quickly up the tree to avoid the dog. (The verb, climbed, is being modified and the adverb answers how the cat climbed.)
He made a really big pile with the leaves he raked. (The adjective, big, is being modified and the adverb answers how big the pile is.)
The track star ran very quickly to the finish line. (The adverb, quickly, is being modified and the adverb answers how quickly the track star ran.)
The teacher said to stop now. (The adverb, now, modifies the verb stop, and tells when the teacher said to stop.

Pronouns: Replacing Words

To keep sentences from sounding repetitive and awkward, you use pronouns. When you use pronouns effectively, you help sentences flow better while maintaining their original meanings. Pronouns accomplish this by replacing nouns and other pronouns when necessary. Words such as he, she, me, you, we, which and they are all examples of pronouns. Look at the example provided below and take notice of how using pronouns helps the sentence sound better.

Without Using Pronouns

Peter decided Peter wanted to go to the movies, so Peter decided to save up all of Peter's money during the week

With Pronouns

Peter decided he wanted to go to the movies, so he decided to save up all of his money during the week.

Prepositions: Linking Together

For sentences to actually be sentences and make sense, all the words have to link together. Prepositions play a role in providing these links by connecting nouns, pronouns and phrases. Words such as across, beneath, onto, over, underneath and around are examples of prepositions. Some examples are provided below.

The runner ran around the track 15 times.
Sally checked underneath her bed for her missing book.
Daniel started working before he got into big trouble.
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