2nd Grade Math: Concepts and Sample Exercises

It's a good thing young children can soak up a lot of information in a fairly short period of time, because in 2nd grade math they have a lot to learn. They will build on their earlier math education by counting by ones and tens, adding and subtracting within 20, adding a 2-digit number with a 1-digit number and telling time.

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Math Facts in 2nd Grade

Facts and Strategies Taught

By the end of the year, students in 2nd grade should be able to:

  • Quickly add and subtract 1-digit numbers
  • Mentally add and subtract within 20
  • Mentally add and subtract ten or 100 to any number from 100 to 900
  • Add up to four 2-digit numbers
  • Recognize if a number is odd or even
  • Recognize place values of units, tens and hundreds
  • Count to 1000
  • Skip count by fives and tens
  • Determine if a number is greater than or less than another number
  • Use the symbols > and <
  • Estimate and measure objects using inches and feet, centimeters and meters
  • Tell time to the nearest five minutes, using both analog and digital clocks
  • Use a.m. and p.m.
  • Appropriately use money symbols - $ and ¢
  • Solve word problems that use all kinds of coins and bills up to and including $1

Sample Exercises

The following are math questions students might be asked during a 2nd grade test. Some of the counting and measuring answers are purposely not given. For the time-related questions, you may want to draw a clock to help your child visualize the problem.

Oral Questions

  1. Add 7 to 9. (Answer: 16)
  2. Add 12 plus 6. (Answer: 18)
  3. Subtract 8 from 14. (Answer: 6)
  4. What is 17 minus 9? (Answer: 8)
  5. Add 10 to 751. (Answer: 761)
  6. What is 100 added to 829. (Answer: 929)
  7. Subtract 10 from 636. (Answer: 626)
  8. What is 648 minus 100? (Answer: 548)
  9. Is 421 an odd or an even number? (Answer: Odd) How about 54? (Answer: Even)
  10. Count from 750 to 825.
  11. Count by 5s from 15 to 55.
  12. Count by 10s from 0 to 100.
  13. Count by 100s from 0 to 1000.
  14. Read these numbers out loud: 999; 452

Written Questions

  1. In the number 837, which number is in the tens column? What does that mean? (Answer: 3. It means there are three tens - or 30 - in the number.)
  2. In the number 654, which number is in the hundreds column? (Answer: 6)
  3. Add the following: 24 + 33 + 58 + 79 (Answer: 194)
  4. Is 78 greater than(>) or less than (<) 56? (Answer: >)
  5. Estimate the length of this line in centimeters: -------------- Measure it and see how close you were.
  6. It is time for morning recess. The clock looks like this. (Digital or analog clock showing 10:02) Tell the time to the nearest five minutes. (Answer: 10:00 a.m.)
  7. If you had 3 pennies, 3 nickels, 3 quarters and 3 dimes, how much money would you have? (Answer: $1.23)
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