Middle School Exams: What My Child Needs to Know

In middle school, your child will have to complete many exams, including standardized and in-class tests. You will be able to help your child prepare most effectively if you know what information will be covered on these tests. Keep reading to learn about some basic information your child will need to know on middle school exams.

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Information on Middle School Exams for Parents

General Information

Depending on the school district's grading cycle, students will often take an exam every six or nine weeks. In addition, they will usually need to successfully pass a comprehensive test at the end of the school year. Each school district will have its own specific curriculum, but in general, all students will be tested on some common standards at each grade level. Below, you'll find information on some of the basic skills your child will be required to know in middle school.

6th Grade Standards


Sixth-grade students will be required to read and comprehend various texts, such as articles, novels, short stories and poetry. They'll be required to draw inferences and use text support to answer questions. Students will also need to be able to determine the figurative and connotative meanings of words and phrases and identify how they contribute to the overall meaning of the text. In addition, questions will be asked about point of view and how different parts of a story add to the theme.


Students will use multiplication and division to solve problems involving rate and ratios. Students will also need to explain the meaning of fractions and be able to multiply and divide them effectively. Your 6th grader can expect to solve 1-variable equations and inequalities.

7th Grade Standards


Students will need to identify and cite evidence from the texts they read to answer questions and support their opinions. They'll need to understand how some elements of a story affect other elements. For example, students must be able to express how a character's actions play a role in developing the plot of the story. Furthermore, they'll be tested on their understanding of how the structure of a text helps to create meaning.


Students will be tested on their ability to use proportional relationships in solving real-world problems. They'll also work with geometric figures and must be able to draw, describe and compare them. In addition, they'll have to show proficiency in working with statistics and probability by drawing inferences about a population based on numerical information they gather.

8th Grade Standards


Students in 8th grade will need to explain how dialogue advances a story. They'll determine the meaning of various words and phrases and explain how they impact the tone. Students will also need to show an understanding of analogies and allusions used in a text. Additionally, they may evaluate how point of view can be used to create suspense and humor in a story.


Students will be tested on radicals and integer components and must be able to solve linear equations. They will work with functions and have to define, evaluate and compare them. In geometry, they'll be required to understand the Pythagorean Theorem and solve problems dealing with liquid volumes.

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