Multiplication Facts for Kids

Multiplication is one of the building blocks for advanced math. You will be using your multiplying skills all the way up through algebra and trigonometry, so it's a good idea to learn the basics well. Here are some ideas to help you excel at multiplication.

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Ways to Master Multiplication

Make a Chart

One way to get your times tables straight is by drawing a multiplication chart and filling in all the numbers. You can download a template from the computer or make one yourself with a ruler, a piece of graph paper and a pen.

First, draw a square on your paper that covers 12 of the small graph paper boxes. Across the top of the box from left to right, write numbers 1-12. Also write 1-12 going down the left-hand side of the box. Now fill in as many multiplication problems as you can without using a calculator. These charts can help you visualize and memorize the times tables.

Drill the Times Tables

You can use sticky notes or note cards to create your own practice flashcards. On one side of the card, write a problem (like 3 x 4). Then, on the back, write the answer (12). Make a card for each of the problems you will see on your test, and then drill yourself to improve your speed. You can play with a friend or sibling, too. Just split the cards in half and quiz each other. Whoever gets the most correct answers wins.


The easiest tricks to remember are for the zeros, ones and tens times tables. Any number times zero will equal zero (0 x 12 = 0). Any number times one will equal that number (1 x 3 = 3). Finally, when multiplying by ten, simply add a zero to the number (e.g., 10 x 4 = 40).

When learning the nines tables, a nifty little trick can help you solve each problem. Hold your hands up with your palms facing your face (not too close - you need to have a clear view of both your hands to do this). To solve 9 x 3, lower the third finger on your left hand. Now, to the left of the lowered finger you have two, and to the right you can count seven. Nine times three is 27.

To solve 9 x 6, lower the pinky finger on your right hand. Now you'll see there are five fingers still up on the left hand, and four remaining on the right, so the answer is 54. This trick can help you memorize the nines tables, up to 9 x 10 (nine fingers to the left, zero to the right, and the answer is 90).

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