Pronoun Test for 4th Grade Students: Questions and Answers

When preparing a 4th grade grammar lesson, you'll likely include a focus on pronouns. To help your child or students better understand this part of speech, provide a weekly pronoun test to check for comprehension.

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Helping Students with Pronouns

A pronoun replaces a noun or noun phrase. Examples include his, her and they. Some 4th graders may struggle to differentiate between the forms, like he and him or she and her. Tests can help you identify what aspect of pronoun usage your child or students struggle with.

To provide daily practice with pronouns, there are several free worksheets you can print from the Internet that test students' understanding of proper usage. Additionally, you can find sample pronoun quizzes to use as a compliment weekly to spelling and vocabulary tests.

To individualize the tests, it may be better to create your own weekly tests. Write sentences with the pronouns left out and ask your child or students to fill in the blanks. You may also ask your students to replace the nouns in a sentence with the most appropriate pronouns. Alternatively, have them identify which word in the sentence is the pronoun.

To get started, use the sample sentences below. Answers and explanations are provided following each sentence.

4th Grade Pronoun Test

Identify the pronouns in the following sentences.

1. Garrett's father asked him to clean his room last night, but he forgot.

The pronouns 'him,' 'his' and 'he' describe Garrett.

2. When Jill jumped on the bed, it broke, and her mother got mad.

The pronoun 'it' describes the noun 'bed,' and the pronoun 'her' describes Jill.

Replace the nouns with the correct pronouns.

3. Bryan loves taking naps on Saturday afternoons when the weather is bad.

'Bryan' can be replaced with the pronoun 'he.'

4. The students are going on a field trip to the museum next week.

'The students' can be replaced with the pronoun 'they.'

Fill in the blanks with the correct pronouns.

5. Because a majority of the students failed the exam, _ all have to retake it next week.

The correct pronoun is 'they.'

6. My sister and I didn't want to go to the movies with _ parents because _ wanted to go bowling instead.

The correct pronouns are 'our' and 'we.'
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