Vocabulary for 9th Grade Students: Words to Improve Reading Comprehension

By now, your 9th grader may be reading more complex texts, which will expose him or her to a broader vocabulary. A variety of methods can be used to decode unfamiliar words or words with multiple meanings, but the vocabulary practice below can also help your child with reading comprehension.

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Why is Vocabulary Important for 9th Grade Reading Comprehension?

By 9th grade, most students are able to read and comprehend complex novels and textbooks, but studying vocabulary will make them even stronger readers. The texts your 9th grader reads may have advanced vocabulary words. Students who don't know these words or can't figure them out in context may not fully comprehend the text. The following vocabulary quizzes are designed to help with reading comprehension.

9th Grade Vocabulary Quizzes

Match the Words to Their Definitions

Find the word that best fits each of the definitions below. Write the corresponding letter in the blank next to the definition. After each definition, write the part of speech.

A. repulsive
B. prolific
C. machination
D. indigenous
E. anecdote
F. dauntless
G. verify
H. lore
  1. ---- A cunning scheme with sinister intentions.
  2. ---- To confirm or prove.
  3. ---- Collective wisdom, typically regarding a traditional topic.
  4. ---- A brief and usually humorous account of an event.
  5. ---- Tending to cause disgust or loathing.
  6. ---- Originating in a particular area or environment.
  7. ---- To be fearless, courageous or bold.
  8. ---- Producing frequently and in great quantities.

Use Context to Choose the Right Word

Read each sentence and fill in the blank with the best choice from the words listed below. Write the part of speech for your chosen word after each sentence.

  1. Because of her grade point average, she was ---- that she would earn a scholarship to pay for college.
  2. He had ---- plans to win the singing competition and sign a recording contract.
  3. She likes to work with silver when she makes her jewelry because it's a ---- metal.
  4. That tabloid is ---- for lying about celebrities.
  5. I gave the hotel room a ---- check to make sure we didn't leave anything behind.
  6. Mom feels --- whenever she thinks about that summer at the lake with her sister, who had cancer.
  7. I think my brother lives to ---- me, since he always laughs at my distress.
  8. Cutting the music program is not a ---- issue for our school's award-winning marching band.

Find the Matching Synonym

Choose the best word for each of the synonym lists below and write it in the blank.

  1. Baffle, frustrate, hinder, obstruct, ----
  2. Cut, hack, separate, tear, ----
  3. Ax to grind, grudge, objection, resentment, ----
  4. Absorbent, passable, permeable, spongy, ----
  5. Ambiguous, concealed, impenetrable, opaque, ----
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