Vocabulary for First Grade Students

Learning vocabulary is a life-long process, but kids should actively work to improve their vocabulary starting in first grade. The size of a young reader's vocabulary can often affect his or her reading comprehension and fluency. There are several words that your child can review at home to help improve his or her vocabulary.

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How Can My Child Practice First Grade Vocabulary?

Sight words are essential for first graders because they are just beginning to read and learn new vocabulary terms. Sight words are words that beginning readers should recognize instantly, without having to sound them out. One way to learn these words is by using flashcards; however, there are a few other options that may prove to be more engaging.

Have your son or daughter create a personal dictionary of new words as they are encountered. Have your child fill in all new words and definitions in a notebook to help build vocabulary. Another option is to read to your child frequently. First graders usually read simple books that don't include challenging words because of the beginning reading level. This gives you the opportunity to read more advanced books out loud and discuss the words used with your child.

First Grade Word List

Apple (ap-uhl)

- Noun

1. An edible fruit, usually red, yellow or green, grown on a cultivated tree.

Before (bih-fawr)

- Adverb

1. Preceding in time or in advance.

- Conjunction

1. Earlier than the time that.

2. Rather than.

- Preposition

1. In front of.

2. Earlier than.

Does (duhz)

- Verb

1. Singular, present, third person plural of do, or to execute.

Every (ev-ree)

- Adjective

1. Each individual or part of a group or series without exception.

Get (get)

- Noun

1. Something begotten or an offspring.

2. Returning a difficult shot or ball in a game like tennis.

- Verb

1. To gain or receive possession of.

2. To seek out or take hold of.

Hop (hop)

- Noun

1. A quick leap on one foot.

2. A short trip.

3. An informal term for a dance.

- Verb

1. To spring on one foot.

2. To make a quick trip.

Kitten (kit-n)

- Noun

1. A young cat.

Much (muhch)

- Noun

1. A great amount.

2. Something impressive or notable.

- Adjective

1. Great in degree, extent or quantity.

- Adverb

1. To a great degree.

2. For a long period of time.

Open (oh-puhn)

- Adjective

1. Not closed, with no barrier or free of obstruction.

- Noun

1. An unobstructed space like water or air.

- Verb

1. To move from a closed position.

2. To make available or allow access.

Quit (kwit)

- Adjective

1. Released from obligation or penalty.

- Verb

1. To stop or discontinue normal activity.

2. To depart or leave.

3. To give up employment.

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