Educational Math Games for 3rd and 4th Grade Students

Students in 3rd and 4th grade are beginning to learn more complex math operations and concepts beyond addition and subtraction. Because of this, some students may lose interest and motivation. Read below for interactive games that will help your child better understand these concepts in a fun way.

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How to Help Your Child Succeed in Math

While there are numerous concepts for these two grade levels, your child must become fluent in fractions, multi-digit multiplication and division. Help your child master these skills by playing fun, interactive games that involve these three areas. Review the following games and decide which suits your child's individual needs. Of course, adjustments can be made based on your child's ability level.

Basketball Fractions

For each round, players will try to throw five shots into a basketball hoop from a predetermined line. Feel free to move the shot line for each round to make it more interesting. Players will record their results from each round as a fraction. The number of shots made will be the numerator and the number of shots attempted will be the denominator.

After playing five rounds, each player should total his or her fractions. This fraction will show the total number of shots made over total number of shots attempted. The player with the highest fraction wins. If you don't have the outdoor equipment to play this game, play an inside version using a hamper or basket.

Number Clues

This verbal math game, which allows your child the opportunity to work on math vocabulary and operations, is ideal to play while traveling. Provide your child with verbal clues that will allow him or her to guess your number. For example, if the number you are thinking of is 20 you may say:

Two of my factors are four and five.
I am the sum of ten plus ten.
I am divisible by two and ten.

After each clue is provided, allow your child to guess the secret number. You may have to supply additional clues until your child is able to successfully guess the number you are describing. As an adjustment to the game, have your child provide the clues and guess the number yourself.

Math Crossword

In order to prepare for this game, draw your own crossword puzzle squares or create one on your computer. You can be fairly random with your crossword format; however, you will need at least four squares in a row. The first player will choose a number and write it into a beginning square. Player two will fill in a multiplication or division symbol and a number. Player one will then solve the operation and write the answer into the fourth square. Play will continue until all squares are filled in.

Depending on your child's ability, you may want to limit the range of possible numbers that can be used in the puzzle. Another way to alter this game would be to only use odd numbers or only use even numbers.

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