3rd Grade Vocabulary: List of Vocab Words

Vocabulary building is an important routine that helps develop language proficiency in elementary students. To prevent overlooked potential in your 3rd grader, it's crucial to consistently incorporate vocabulary words into normal conversation at home and in the classroom.

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Where Can I Find 3rd Grade Vocabulary Words?

Vocabulary lists do very little for a child who is not being challenged to use those words in regular speech. Although your 3rd grader likely takes weekly vocabulary quizzes at school, if those words are not being used after, they won't stick. To better help your child, find out what words are being covered in the classroom for different subject areas. You can use these words as a guide for the types of words your child should be learning. Then, you can create your own list at home. Additionally, several educational websites offer free vocabulary lists by grade that can be downloaded for personal use.

Vocab List for 3rd Graders

Ancient (eyn-shuh nt)

- Adjective

1. Of or relating to a time in early history.

2. Very old or having qualities of age.

- Noun

1. A person or living thing from a time very long ago.

Conservation (kon-ser-vey-shuh n)

- Noun

1. The preservation or protection of something from decay, injury or waste.

2. The careful use of natural resources.

Cumulus (kyoo-myuh-luh s)

- Noun

1. An accumulation, heap or pile.

2. Characterization of a dense, puffy cloud.

Denominator (dih-nom-uh-ney-ter)

- Noun

1. The number below the line of a fraction from which the numerator is divided.

2. A common or shared trait.

Fond (fond)

- Adjective

1. Having a liking for.

2. Excessively or foolishly tender.

3. Loving or affectionate.

Million (mil-yuh n)

- Adjective

1. Amounting to a very large number.

- Noun

1. A very large number.

2. The amount of 1,000 multiplied by 1,000.

Obtuse (uh b-toos)

- Adjective

1. Not sharp or pointed.

2. Lacking quickness or intellect.

3. An angle the measures between 90 and 180 degrees.

Orbit (awr-bit)

- Noun

1. The curved or circular path of one body, such as a planet, around another, like the sun.

2. A range or sphere of power or influence.

- Verb

1. To move, travel or revolve around.

Pronoun (proh-noun)

- Noun

1. A set of words, such as he and they, used as substitutes for nouns and noun phrases.

Symmetry (sim-i-tree)

- Noun

1. Balanced proportions.

2. Correspondence in size, shape or form of parts on opposite sides of a plane or dividing line.

Wisdom (wiz-duh m)

- Noun

1. Knowledge of right and wrong combined with good judgment.

2. Ancient teachings or sayings from those who are considered to be wise.

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