8th Grade Vocabulary List: Vocab Words and Definitions

Many 8th grade language arts teachers give students weekly vocabulary quizzes and expect students to use a varied vocabulary in their writing. Students with a rich vocabulary will be more prepared for college entrance exams and high school reading comprehension assignments. To help your child advance, create your own word lists for him or her to practice at home.

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Where Can I Find 8th Grade Vocabulary Words?

If you want to create your own 8th grade vocabulary list, you can look through the literature your child is reading at school to find difficult words. By studying vocabulary straight from their literature assignments, students increase their reading speed and improve their comprehension.

You can also scan the keywords in your son or daughter's math, science and social studies textbooks to find additional terms. If your child is unfamiliar with the words, he or she can gain additional practice by figuring them out from context. If you have no luck checking texts, several websites offer free vocabulary lists and worksheets by grade level.

Word List for 8th Graders

Allegory (al-uh-gawr-ee)

- Noun

1. A symbolic representation of the abstract, spiritual or intangible through means of a narrative or story.

Anarchist (an-er-kist)

- Noun

1. A rebel or person who believes in the use of violence to overthrow or oppose those in power.

Dialogue (dahy-uh-lawg)

- Noun

1. A conversation, discussion or exchange of ideas between multiple persons.

- Verb

1. To take part in a discussion or conversation.

Genocide (jen-uh-sahyd)

- Noun

1. The destruction or murder of a group of people for political or racial reasons.

Integer (in-ti-jer)

- Noun

1. A mathematical term for a positive or negative natural number like one, two, etc.

Monologue (mon-uh-lawg)

- Noun

1. A dramatic performance or reading by one person.

Neutron (noo-tron)

- Noun

1. In physics, an uncharged particle.

Parabola (puh-rab-uh-luh)

- Noun

1. A mathematical term for the intersection of a right circular cone and a parallel plane.

Socialism (soh-shuh-liz-uhm)

- Noun

1. A political or economical theory or system based on equal power and the elimination of hierarchy.

Velocity (vuh-los-i-tee)

- Noun

1. Speed or rapidity of motion.

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