Grade 6 Vocabulary Practice Tips

Do you want to help your 6th grader practice and improve her or his vocabulary at home? Keep reading for a few grade 6 vocabulary practice tips that you can use to help your child.

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Helping Your Child Learn 6th Grade Vocabulary

Vocabulary Requirements

Although education standards vary a bit from state to state and school to school, there are common core vocabulary words that your 6th grader probably will be required to know. By the 6th grade, your child will most likely need to be able to determine word meanings entirely by context within a written passage or text. Your child will learn Latin and Greek roots to words.

Your son or daughter will also need to be proficient in using a variety of reference books, such as thesauruses and dictionaries. He or she will learn to be able to infer word meanings from figures of speech and by the way the words relate to one another in a phrase. Your child will likely be expected to gain an understanding of new vocabulary at a faster rate than in elementary school.

Using Games, Activities and Flashcards

There are many vocabulary-based games and activities available online that your child can play with you or alone. You can create activities for your child as well. For example, give your child a passage with five highlighted words in it. Have your child try to figure out the new word meanings from the context and then cross check them with a dictionary.

Another way to help increase your child's vocabulary is by making flashcards. Write a word on one side and the definition on the other side. After your child learns the definitions, he or she should practice using the words in context. Have your child write sentences using the words.

Alternatively, write sentences yourself, leaving out the vocabulary words. Then, your child can select words to complete the sentences. Many teachers put fill-in-the-blank questions on vocabulary tests, so this activity can be especially good practice.

Why Reading is Important

It can't be overstated how important reading can be for increasing vocabulary. Encourage your 6th grader to not only read for school, but also for pleasure. The more your child reads, the more vocabulary he or she will likely learn. When your child is used to reading on a regular basis, he or she will become more accustomed to learning new words, which can make the process easier.

There are many lists of level and age-appropriate books available from local libraries and on the Internet. Allow your child to pick a few books and set aside time for reading at home each day.

Preparing Your Child for Grade 6 Vocabulary Tests

When your child is getting ready for a 6th grade vocabulary test, he or she can complete a variety of activities to learn the vocabulary words thoroughly. Again, games and flash cards can be useful. Depending on where you live and where your child goes to school, there's a fair chance that he or she will have to take a 6th grade English/language arts standardized test. You can get practice tests for your child from his or her school or else from your state's Department of Education.

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