Words for Kids: Vocab Kids Need to Know to Succeed in School

In elementary school, children develop skills that they'll use for a lifetime, so it's important to help them establish a strong vocabulary. Your child can increase and enhance his or her vocabulary with frequent practice outside of the classroom. Use the word list below to get started.

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How Can I Help My Child Practice Vocabulary?

The more extensive a child's vocabulary, the better he or she is able to express thoughts, feelings and emotions. Vocabulary is the foundation for clear and effective communication, and there are many resources available for your child. Many websites offer free games to help students test their vocabulary, grammar and spelling skills, while others simply provide weekly word lists. If you encourage your child to practice for a short amount of time each day, his or her vocabulary will begin to expand and improve.

Vocabulary List for Kids

Bench (bench)

- Noun

1. A seat made for several people.

2. The seat of an official, such as a judge.

3. In sports, the place where non-playing teammates sit.

- Verb

1. To furnish with seats holding multiple persons.

2. In sports, to take a player out of a game.

3. In weight lifting, to lift or 'bench press' a certain amount of weight.

Curious (kyoor-ee-uhs)

- Adjective

1. Eager, with the desire to learn.

2. Arousing interest in.

Dessert (dih-zurt)

- Noun

1. The sweet, final course of a meal, often a pie, cake, ice cream or other treat.

Glory (glawr-ee)

- Interjection

1. Used to express delight, wonder or surprise.

- Noun

1. Praise or honor.

Immune (ih-myoon)

- Adjective

1. Free or exempt from.

2. Not susceptible to.

3. Protected from.

Lukewarm (look-wawrm)

- Adjective

1. Tepid or somewhat warm.

2. Indifferent, without conviction.

Orchid (awr-kid)

- Noun

1. A plant in the Orchidaceae family, likely to have flowers.

Pesky (pes-kee)

- Adjective

1. Irritating, troublesome or annoying.

Scrimmage (skrim-ij)

- Noun

1. A struggle or battle.

2. In sports, a practice match in which one team splits into two sides.

- Verb

1. To take part or exchange in a skirmish.

Zealot (zel-uht)

- Noun

1. A fanatical person or someone who shows zeal.

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