Words That 7 Year Olds Should Know

When kids are in the second grade, their vocabulary is quickly expanding. Although there is no comprehensive list of words that all 7 year olds should know, you can help your child increase his or her vocabulary by reviewing sight words and other terms that may appear in classroom reading. Read on for a list of common terms your child can review for extra practice.

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What Words Should My 7 Year Old Practice at Home?

Children generally understand more words than they use in writing and speaking, and they speak more words than they can read. In order to help your 7 year old increase his or her reading vocabulary, you can make sure your child knows sight words, or words that can be recognized immediately without sounding them out. Dolch Sight Words have been used by teachers for decades and are commonly accepted as words that 7 year olds should know.

In addition to drilling with sight word flash cards, you can download other activities from the Internet. You can also help your son or daughter by exposing him or her to advanced texts and by using new vocabulary in your conversations. If you're at a loss for new vocabulary words, try talking to your child's teacher about age-appropriate texts and words that may be useful to review at home.

Word List for 7 Year Olds

Always (awl-weyz)

- Adverb

1. At all times, with no exceptions.

2. At any time, if needed.

3. Forever.

Ball (bawl)

- Noun

1. A spherical object or mass.

2. A game played with a specific type of spherical object, like baseball or basketball.

- Verb

1. To roll or gather into a spherical shape.

Cold (kohld)

- Adjective

1. Having a low temperature or lack of warmth.

2. Lacking compassion or enthusiasm.

- Adverb

1. Abruptly or without notice.

- Noun

1. A condition of low temperature.

2. A respiratory disorder associated with coughing and sneezing.

Dock (dok)

- Noun

1. A pier or platform for landing, loading or unloading.

- Verb

1. To bring into a landing pier.

2. To remove a portion of.

Glass (glas)

- Adjective

1. To be made of the non-crystalline material.

- Noun

1. Material made without crystallization used in bottles, windows and more.

2. A drinking container.

- Verb

1. To provide with the non-crystalline material of glass, as in a window or case.

Mother (muhth-er)

- Adjective

1. Being a female parent.

2. Pertaining to the characteristics of a female parent.

3. Head of something, without pertaining to sex.

- Noun

1. A female parent.

- Verb

1. To give origin to.

2. To care for as if one's female parent.

Pull (poo l)

- Noun

1. A special influence.

2. A device used for operating in the act of pulling.

3. The act of drawing in.

- Verb

1. To draw, haul or tug with force.

Sing (sing)

- Noun

1. A gathering or group session of singing or performing.

- Verb

1. To perform a song or produce musical sounds with one's voice.

2. To produce high pitch sounds or whistling.

Yard (yahrd)

- Noun

1. A unit of measurement, equal to three feet or 36 inches.

2. Grounds surrounding a building, home or other structure that may serve the purpose of decoration, enclosure, exercise or gathering.

Zoo (zoo)

- Noun

1. A public location where animals are kept on display for people to view.

2. A chaotic location, place or situation.

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