Free Math Games for 7th Graders

Does your 7th grader need some extra practice in math? Review the activities below and consider using them to provide your child with some interactive math practice at home.

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What Will My 7th Grader Learn in Math?

Your 7th grade child will be focusing his or her math studies on three main areas: ratio and proportional relationships, the number system and geometry. In the ratio and proportions focus area, your child will be applying his or her knowledge of ratios to solve multi-step word problems. These word problems will involve determining the ratios of items, such as length, area and percents. Students will also be using the four basic math operations to solve problems containing rational numbers. Finally, in geometry, they will determine the area, volume and surface area of 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional objects.

How Much Did I Make?

Have your child plan a pretend bake sale to raise money. After your child determines which items will be baked for the bake sale, have him or her calculate the cost of the necessary grocery items. This may be easier for your child if you take him or her on a trip to the grocery store to price items. Once your child has calculated the amount of money needed for the ingredients, he or she should determine the price for each item. Ask your child to calculate the percent markup for the baked items and figure how much money he or she will profit if all items are sold.

What Is the Capacity?

For this activity, you will need to gather paper of different sizes, such as computer paper, construction paper and an index card. Have your child roll each piece of paper to make a cylinder shape and tape the ends together. Ask your child to arrange the cylinders from least capacity to greatest capacity. Your child will then need to measure out dry beans and pour them into the created cylinders. Have your child record the amount of beans each cylinder held and use the record to check his or her predictions.

Math Connect Four

Before beginning this activity, draw out a grid on a piece of poster paper. Write a variety of equations containing rational numbers on two differently colored index cards. Assign a color to each player. Players will take turns drawing one of their cards and solving the equation. If it is solved correctly, the player will place the card on the board inside the square of his or her choice. The first player to connect four cards in a row wins the game!

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