6th Grade IQ Test: How to Test Your Sixth Grader's IQ

Has your 6th grader ever taken an IQ test? Do you or any education professionals working with your child think that it would be helpful to find out what your child's IQ is? If so, then keep reading for information about 6th grade IQ tests.

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How to Use IQ Tests

What's a 6th Grade IQ Test and What's the Purpose?

IQ (Intelligence Quotient) tests can be administered to children and adults of any age. Although it's ultimately used to test intelligence, an IQ test is by no means comprehensive. The two things that most IQ tests address are traditional logical and verbal abilities.

IQ tests use memory, reasoning and problem solving to assess a person's mental capacity. The two most common IQ tests are the Stanford-Binet exam and the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children. IQ tests are scored by comparing an individual's results with the scores of other people of the same age. The average score on the IQ test is 100.

Where Can I Find a 6th Grade IQ Test for My Child?

Trained psychologists usually administer IQ tests. If you want your 6th grader to take an IQ test, you can ask your child's teacher, counselor or a child psychologist for more information. There are two main kinds of IQ tests for 6th graders: general IQ tests designed for everyone and individual IQ tests designed for one specific person. Individual IQ tests will provide your child with a far more accurate and useful score.

How an IQ Test Be Useful to My Child?

An IQ test can be useful to your child for a variety of reasons, but is never the be-all and end-all of testing intelligence or ability. IQ tests are one measure of a person's intelligence and should be used together with other assessments when making decisions about your child's education. In addition to IQ tests, you and your child's teachers should consider observations on his or her behavior, your child's work and standardized tests.

How Can I Test My Child at Home?

You can find free IQ tests on many websites on the Internet. The results from Internet IQ tests can be informative, but should not be considered official by any means. Many of these online tests use your child's age to compute the results and will send your child's score to your email address. The High IQ Society is a reliable organization has free online IQ tests.

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