IQ Test for Elementary School Students: Info for Parents

Do you have a child in elementary school or one who's enrolling in elementary school soon? If this is the case, then your child may be required to take an IQ tests at some point in his or her elementary education. Keep reading to find out more.

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How Can My Child Take an IQ Test in Elementary School?

Although it's rare for students take an IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test in elementary school, they do take standardized tests frequently. However, if you want your child's IQ to be tested, child psychologists or other trained experts usually will most often administer such a test to your child.

The two most common versions of the IQ test administered today are the Stanford-Binet test and the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children. Some IQ tests are designed to generally test the intelligence for all children. If you think that your child needs to be more specifically tested, then consult a child psychologist. There are also far more accurate IQ tests designed for an individual child.

How Can IQ Testing Be Useful for My Child?

IQ scores are generally used to help parents and teachers decide on special services for children, but they should not be used exclusively. An IQ test can help you get an idea of your child's grasp on logic and word-based puzzles; however, many other aspects of your elementary school student's education are also important. When making decisions about your child's education, you should also consider his or her teacher's observations, your opinions and standardized test scores.

What Are the Limitations of IQ Tests for Elementary School Students?

IQ Tests are only one component when it comes to testing intelligence, education, skills or ability. Many other factors are equally or even more important than IQ. When analyzing your child's score, consider his or her previous education and the alleged intrinsic cultural, racial and class bias of the test. IQ tests also don't take creativity, leadership skills and many other relevant forms of intelligence into account. They are focused exclusively on verbal and logic-based skills.

What IQ Testing Can My Child Do at Home?

Students who have strong logic, reasoning and memory skills often do well on IQ tests. Your child can practice these skills with the games, logic puzzles and other educational activities that are available on a number of websites, including the High IQ Society, which provides free online IQ testing.

In order for IQ scores to count toward education-related decisions, students need to take them at school, but your child can take a practice IQ tests at home. There are many unofficial IQ tests available online that your child may benefit from taking.

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