Math Games with Ratios

In sixth grade, your child will be taught how to determine ratios. Help your child succeed with this mathematical skill by using the fun activities below.

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An Overview of Ratios

Your sixth grader will begin learning about ratios and how to use appropriate terms to describe the ratio between two quantities. Ratios can be expressed using a colon between the two numbers (1:2) or as a fraction (1/2). Your child will also use his knowledge of ratios to solve real-world problems. In addition, your sixth grader will determine the percent of a quantity as a rate per 100. The hands-on activities below will provide your child with some extra ratio practice at home.

Pizza Ratios

Serving pizza for your family's next dinner provides you with a great opportunity to help your child with ratios. Have your child create a fraction to represent each family member's plate. For instance, if your child eats three slices of pizza, and her sibling eats five slices of pizza, then the ratio is 3:5 because for every three pieces of pizza your child ate, her sibling ate five.

To adjust this activity, feel free to make homemade pizzas and have your child create ratios from the ingredients used. For example, if your child adds three pepperonis for every one mushroom, then the ratio of pepperonis to mushrooms is 3:1.

Rice Krispies Ratios

Use a basic Rice Krispies Treats recipe, and have your child help mix the ingredients to practice ratios. Have your child calculate a ratio for each ingredient as it is being measured. For example, for every two cups of Rice Krispies, you need one cup of marshmallows. Therefore, the ratio of Rice Krispies to marshmallows is 2:1. Experiment with how the original ratios change if the recipe is doubled or cut in half.

Skittles Ratios

For this activity, give your child a bag of Skittles, and have him sort them by color. Ask him to create a fraction for each color. Remember, the denominator for these fractions would be the total number of Skittles in the bag. After your child creates a fraction for each color of candy, have him convert the fractions to ratios. Depending on your child's ability level, feel free to take away some of the candies or add another bag of Skittles to see how the ratios change.

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