3rd Grade Words: 10 Words Every Third Grader Should Know

When your child begins 3rd grade, he or she will be introduced to more vocabulary words. Not only do third graders cover reading words, but they also learn terms for different subjects, like social studies and math. In order to help your child better prepare for class, you can review the words listed below.

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How Can I Help My Child Practice Vocabulary?

While flashcards may be an effective way to review vocabulary, it's not likely to be the most exciting method for your child. Instead, as your child comes across new vocabulary words, you may want to try incorporating them into conversations so he or she will get used to hearing them. By reinforcing these words at home, your child may not struggle as much on a test in class.

Additionally, you can keep a dictionary in the house for your son or daughter to use when new words are introduced in class or in reading. While online dictionaries are easily accessible, there are an abundance of distractions on the Internet that might work against your child during homework time.

3rd Grade Word List

Atmosphere (at-muhs-feer)

- Noun

1. Mass of gaseous air surrounding the earth.

2. An environment.

Bury (ber-ee)

- Verb

1. To dispose of or put in the ground.

2. To conceal from one's sight.

3. To immerse or submerge oneself in.

Decomposer (dee-kuhm-poh-zer)

- Noun

1. An organism, like bacteria or fungi, that breaks down dead cells.

Estimate (n. es-tuh-mit; v. es-tuh-meyt)

- Noun

1. An approximate calculation of value.

2. A judgment of one's character.

3. A written statement of cost for work.

- Verb

1. To appraise or roughly determine an amount, size, value, weight or other.

2. To form an opinion.

Equator (ih-kwey-ter)

- Noun

1. The great circle of the earth that is equal in distance from the two poles, dividing the globe into hemispheres.

Festival (fes-tuh-vuhl)

- Adjective

1. Description of an atmosphere of fun and excitement.

- Noun

1. A celebration marked by a ceremony or other observance.

2. A periodic celebration with entertainment.

Narrator (nar-ey-ter)

- Noun

1. A person who tells a story in detail or commentates for a film, television or other presentation.

Peninsula (puh-nin-suh-luh)

- Noun

1. A piece of land almost entirely surrounded by water except for an isthmus that connects it to a main body of land.

Quotient (kwoh-shuhnt)

- Noun

1. The result of dividing one number by another.

Struggle (struhg-uhl)

- Noun

1. A conflict, contest or fight.

2. A task that requires significant exertion.

- Verb

1. To push through adversity or obstacles.

2. To advance or move through with force.

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