Fun Math Games for Sixth Grade Students

If sixth grade math skills are giving your child trouble, consider using the fun games below. Each of the games addresses a different sixth grade skill and will provide your child with extra practice at home.

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An Overview of Sixth Grade Math

Fractions, geometry and ratio are three of the main focus areas in sixth grade math. Your child will learn how to determine the area of geometric figures, how to divide fractions to solve problems and how to understand the ratio relationship between two quantities. Using a fun approach to practice these skills will help your sixth grader improve his or her understanding.

Can I Get An X?

Before beginning this game, take a deck of cards and mark an 'X' on 30 of the cards. Ask each player to predict how many 'X' cards he or she expects to get when the cards are dealt. Shuffle the deck and deal each player ten cards. Have each player record the ratio of cards with an 'X' to the total cards in his or her hand.

For example, if two of the ten cards in a player's hand have an X, the ratio would be 2:10. Deal each player ten more cards and record the ratio again. Players should convert each ratio to a fraction and a decimal. Discuss how each player's ratios are alike or different from earlier predictions.

Can You Make This?

For this activity, use slips of paper to write clues that would describe a triangle. You could write clues like, 'I have a right angle' or 'One of my sides is five inches long.' Fold the slips of paper and put them in a bowl. Have your child choose three clues from the bowl and use them to create a triangle.

Once your child has drawn the triangle, ask her to determine the area. To find the area of a triangle, use the formula A = 1/2(b)(h), where 'b' stands for base and 'h' stands for height. To find the area of a right triangle, your child should use A = 1/2(leg 1)(leg 2).

Fraction Tic-Tac-Toe

Before beginning the game, draw a tic-tac-toe board and write a fraction inside each square. Assign each player a fraction that he or she will use throughout the game. Play the tic-tac-toe game as usual, with one small adjustment. Each time a player wants to make a move, he or she must divide his or her assigned fraction by the fraction inside the square.

For example, suppose player one has the fraction 1/2 assigned to him for the game. He would like to put an 'X' in the top right hand square, which is labeled 3/8. But first he has to divide his assigned fraction by the fraction that's already in the square. His problem would look like this: 1/2 ÷ 3/8 = 4/3 or 1 1/3. Once player one successfully divides the two fractions, he may place the 'X' in the square.

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